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Plumbing Maintenance

Home plumbing maintenance goes hand in hand with home ownership, but a lack of maintenance in a home’s plumbing system, appliances, equipment, and fixtures will eventually culminate in a breakdown or worse, property damage.

A good rule of thumb is to budget one to two percent of your home’s purchase price for annual maintenance and repairs. We understand that a homeowner can be overwhelmed taking on such task as maintenance. 

We advise booking an annual plumbing safety inspection. Each year we’ll carry out a thorough checkup and the technician will note any discovered issues  and review with you. You can familiarize yourself with the list and prioritize repairs by which you can do yourself and which repairs require an expert.

By catching little problems before they become big ones you can dodge a calamity and manage repair cost efficiently.

Book your annual plumbing safety inspection or ask about a maintenance schedule for your home or business.

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